Welcome to DC - for people, not politicians!

DC is home to approximately 700,000 residents and welcomes more than 20 million visitors each year. There is a lot to do in DC, including attending sports games and exploring the night scene at local bars and restaurants. We invite you to discover some of the amazing features of DC through this website!

To move or not to move?

The climate of Washington, D.C. is considered humid subtropical. It has extremely cold winters but you are lucky if you can see a snow because usually it's just a rain. On the other hand summers are hot and nice, the only disappointing thing is a hight humidity. The average January low temperature is 27.3˚F (-3˚C) while the average July high is 88˚F (31˚C). It is surprisingly but true that D.C. gets more rain than Seattle!

Sport in the City

D.C is the home of the Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals two of the most dominant teams in the world. 2018 has been a historic year for D.C has our Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup! The Nationals look to follow in their footsteps this year as they continue their 2018 season. As you can see from the chart both teams have had many fans along with many wins throughout recent years.

D.C. residents drink more wine per capita than residents of any of the 50 states.

The nation’s capital is known for its highbrow social scene. Over the years, swanky social clubs such as Rock N Roll Hotel, Madhatter, and Whitlow’s have hosted luminaries ranging from Abigail Adams to Joe Biden and Paul Manafort. James and Dolly Madison are rumored to have first met while in line for the Codmother bathroom. Select from the drop-down to view the latest tweets about these storied establishments.